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Joyful Oaks Guardian Home Program

Joyful Oaks Labradoodles is always looking for qualified families to participate in our Guardian Home Program. All of our breeding dogs are pets. Our Guardian Home program allows families to have a pick of the litter, breeding quality dog, for a significantly reduced price. We are committed to providing a wonderful life for all of our dogs. It is a great opportunity for a family that might not be able to afford one of our dogs or families that just want to support a “better way of breeding” and to become part of our Joyful Oaks family. If you are interested in participating in our guardian home program, click on the link below to start your application.

A Guardian Family Home is a place where one of our Australian Labradoodle dogs or puppies chosen specifically for the Joyful Oaks breeding program lives as a wonderful family dog. Joyful Oaks Labradoodles retains all breeding rights, and the Guardian Home family gets a forever companion, for a significantly reduced price. The Australian Labradoodle dog or puppy will live with you as your family pet and only comes to Joyful Oaks only when required testing needs to be done, when it is time to breed or when she is ready to have her puppies. The litters are whelped in our home and the mother dog stays with us until the puppies are weaned. Joyful Oaks Labradoodles pays for all health testing and any reproductive costs. Most of our dogs retire after four litters or by the age of six. Once a dog is retired from breeding, we pay for the cost of the spay/neuter and full ownership is transferred to the guardian family. The cost of a Guardian Home dog is $500.

Guardian Home Requirements


  • You must live within one 1.5 hour driving distance of our home in Ramona, California and cannot move away from the local area during the length of the Guardian Home contract.
  • You must own or rent your home with a fenced yard.
  • The Guardian family must have one family member at home at least half time; example a member that works from home, retired, etc.
  • Must feed a high-quality dog food approved by Joyful Oaks Labradoodles.
  • You must provide regular health and veterinary care recommended by Joyful Oaks Labradoodles, including annual exams, the use of certain medications, and vaccinations.
  • Provide regular grooming in accordance with grooming guidelines of Joyful Oaks Labradoodles.
  • Provide photos every other month for use on our website or social media.
  • Provide a safe environment that includes a fenced yard and keep the guardian dog on a leash when outside of a fenced yard.
  • Provide basic and intermediate obedience training – a group class or with an individual trainer. The Guardian family must ensure the dog is leash trained, potty trained, crate trained, and ensure that the dog/puppy is well socialized to people, children, and animals.
  • Must have reliable transportation and commit to bringing the dog/puppy to us for health testing, breeding, and whelping.
  • Willing to maintain open lines of communication with Joyful Oaks Labradoodles with any matter related to the dog/puppy by providing Joyful Oaks Labradoodles a month update on the first of every month.
  • Understand and be willing to assume the additional responsibilities involved in caring for an intact breeding dog.
  • Notify Joyful Oaks Labradoodles of new contact information if there are any change in telephone number, email, or physical address.
  • Upon completion/fulfillment of the Guardian Home contract, dog will be spay/neutered, and ownership will be transferred from Joyful Oaks Labradoodles to the Guardian Home family.
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